What We Provide

IAM provides various services; wet lease, charters, aircraft sale and procurement, airline consultancy and aircraft management.

Wet lease

We can provide short or long term wet leases to airlines, whereby we provide the Aircraft, Crews, Maintenance and Insurance (ACMI). We can provide worldwide services at competitive prices.

Dry Lease

We offer aircraft from our own portfolio on dry lease to airlines.


We provide full charters to both airlines and tour operators.

Aircraft sale and procurement

We assist airlines, financial institutions and leasing companies when selling or purchasing aircraft.

Airline Consultancy

We provide consultany services to airlines.

Aircraft Management

We provide aircraft owners with full Aircraft Management, whereby we look after the aircraft both on the technical and the commercial side.


IAM Aviation Ltd.

Suite 2083e | 26 Upper Pembroke Street | Dublin 2 | Ireland
Phone: +353-1-637-3985 | Fax: + 353-1-662-0365

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